Sunday, 25 September 2016

can someone explain

mars in the 8th house to me and if i have anything that can sorta ease it i hear this is a really bad place for it to be and its in the 29th degree so im not sure.
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Love Horoscope for the Week of September 26

weeklyloveThe week starts out with a Monday where it’s hard to take work entirely seriously. Both Sun conjunct Jupiter and Moon in Leo are better suited to partying than to balancing the accounts or filing those TPS reports. That’s a shame, because not only is Mercury off its retrograde, but Pluto also goes direct on Monday, and both of those events will make it a lot easier to get things done. Good thing this is a Love Horoscope and not Your Weekday Drone Advisor, otherwise I’d be in a lot of trouble this week.

Nothing changes the tone of love lives in general like Mars changing sign, and on Tuesday Mars enters Capricorn. This is the sign in which Mars is exalted, so therefore it does its best work. Mars rules the sex drive, so if “maximum efficiency and application of energy” doesn’t sound very romantic to you, well… you’re probably right, but it can be sexy as hell.

Take advantage of Wednesday’s conditions to set up your plans for the weekend. Moon in Virgo is sweet but wise, and both an opposition to Neptune and a trine to Pluto set up a sense of romance. Don’t even bother with Thursday, though — the Moon is Void of Course all day long. Don’t be surprised if your plans go exactly nowhere that day.

The weekend sets up the conditions for plenty of potential success when it comes to your love life. First of all, on Friday there is the New Moon in Libra. I often tell people that the New Moon is an excellent time to set out your intentions as to what you want to change in your life. Combined with the relationship symbolism of Libra, this one should be a no-brainer. Put some thought into your love life in general (and this weekend specifically), come up with some goals, then make them happen. The middle of the day sees the Moon in Libra both conjunct and occult Jupiter, and this will be in effect for most of the evening. Did you follow my advice about setting up a date on Wednesday? Because this could be the evening that really pays off.

The dominant aspect this weekend is Venus trine Neptune which is exact on Saturday but has an influence throughout the entire weekend. Neptune is sometimes referred to as “the higher Octave of Venus.” That’s kind of a fancy way of saying that this weekend features a double Venus. Or, if you prefer, Venus turned up to 11.

Finally, if the whole sweetness and light thing isn’t your style, try making your move on Sunday evening. Moon in Scorpio will be sextile Mars in Capricorn… or, as the ancient astrologers called it, “sexy time.”

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Is it more than just feeling a little off?

I have never attempted medical horary chart reading. I have been feeling very off lately. I am usually very healthy and I rarely get a cold. Recently I have been out of energy and feeling out of focus.
I had an infected tooth that I had for a while.
I had it removed just recently but I am wondering if something got into my system. I asked the question “am I sick’

For medical horary I think there needs to be three key factors analyzed:
the Ascendant and its ruler (these represent the querent),
the Moon, and the sixth house and its ruler, which describe the illness.

The ascendant is Cancer and its ruler is conjunct the asc.
The 6th house ruler is Jupiter but Mars and Saturn are also occupying the 6th house..

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Friday, 23 September 2016

Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Scorpio’s powerful sex drive may seem too much for virtuous Moon in Virgo, but these two are actually very compatible. Scorpio’s efforts to go beneath the surface will feel natural to Virgo, because she’s in constant fix-it mode. And, she has a surprising streak of sensuality that Scorpio will unlock.

Mars in Scorpio only takes action when he means it. He’s not a casual guy — everything he does is meant to uncover the truth or push a limit. This makes Mars in Scorpio a demanding partner, but he is also intensely loyal and patient. When he has dedicated himself to a relationship, he pours his considerable will, sexual energy and determination into it.

Moon in Virgo needs an upgrade. Not because there’s anything wrong with her, but because she needs to feel like she’s being productive. This means her partner and relationship will be under constant scrutiny, because she only feels secure when she’s making little refinements. Moon in Virgo can be a ball of anxiousness, but she’s also endlessly devoted to the health and happiness of her lover.

Moon in Virgo will sense Scorpio’s deeply-rooted strength, as well as his drive to get to the bottom of everything. This will relax her (as much as she’s able to relax) because finally she’ll have met someone who cares as much as she does about understanding he hows and whys. But Mars in Scorpio will be much calmer about it, and he’ll patiently work through her knots of worry. Scorpio will be protective towards Moon in Virgo, while appreciating her need for analysis. He’ll also get satisfaction from opening her up in a way that no one ever has.

View all the Mars-Moon combinations ››

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Have i passed the exam???

Hey guys!I need your help I had an exam today and I’m very upset!What do you think???Have I passed it?I am the querent 1st house in pisces (Jupiter in 7th) and the exam maybe 9th?(Jupiter as well in 7th)Is that a good thing?Please help
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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

How to Tell if Venus in Cancer Likes You Back

If you’re into someone with Venus in Cancer, know that you’ll be dealing with a mother and child. She can be incredibly tender, loving and empathetic, intuiting your most basic needs. But before you can access her empathy, you must convince her inner child that you’re safe.

The Shell

If you’re not sure how to approach Venus in Cancer, picture her curled up inside a protective shell. Hence her initial shyness, even if she seems friendly enough on the surface. You don’t smash your way into the shell with aggressive moves. Rather, you approach gently, coaxing her to open up with evidence that you can be trusted. She’s attracted to people with whom she can form a secure and loving relationship. You’ll know you’ve hit the right note if she starts to offer care and concern, like a gentle shoulder squeeze when you’re feeling down. If she listens to your problems or offers the exact thing you need in the moment (a hug, a phrase that makes you feel better, a cup of coffee) it’s a good bet that she likes you back. Physical contact is huge — Venus in Cancer does not touch someone unless she wants to get closer. Bonus if she shares some things about her childhood; this means she’s feeling secure enough to let you in.

Let’s say all of the above has happened, and you’re heading out on your first “date.” Go slow. It may not be a date, just yet. If she’s offered to cook for you or let you cry on her shoulder, this does not necessarily mean she wants anything romantic. She’s so hardwired to be the mother that she will nurture you, even if her feelings are strictly platonic.

You won’t know what the deal is until she makes the first move. Even then, it’s tricky. She’s a Cardinal sign, so she’s inclined to start things. But she’s so self-protective that she starts things indirectly. She won’t pounce on you. You’ll have to pick up on her hints, like increased physical contact with flirtatious undertones. If you move too fast, she’ll shut down. But you’ll probably have to make some kind of move. Things don’t progress in a straight line with Venus in Cancer; it’s all about how she’s feeling in the moment. Sex will probably not be a first-date thing, because it takes time for her to warm up. But once you get to the point where you and she are intimate, it’s a safe bet that she’ll want a relationship with you. It’s very difficult for her to have casual sex, because she’s vulnerable once she’s let you in.

Inside The Shell

Life with Venus in Cancer will be emotional. His sign is ruled by the Moon, so his desires and expressions of love will fluctuate. He’ll be in mother mode most of the time as he nourishes you and creates a cozy, domestic paradise. But he can also slide back into child mode. It doesn’t take much to trigger his insecurities, and he may expect you to intuit what he wants, just as he is able to sense what you want. The trouble is, most people aren’t as sensitive as he is. So if he pouts or withdraws, it’s probably because you haven’t fulfilled one of his unspoken needs. This is where it’s important to establish open lines of communication, and let him know that you’re more than willing to make him happy — but you’re not a mind reader.

However, even when he’s in a secure relationship, Venus in Cancer will mix love with high emotion. He is not cool and detached, even when he appears to have it all under control. So you’d better be comfortable with random surges of tears, laughter and love. And, he probably has a strong attachment to his family, or at least the memory of his family. Whether or not his childhood was a happy one, it will play a major role in the relationship. He may want to start a family with you, consisting of children, pets or a close circle of friends.

The domestic relationship you build with Venus in Cancer will be sacred. This is where he must feel safe. So the quickest way to destroy the relationship is to damage the safety of his domestic environment. There are many ways you can do this. You can cheat on him, spend a lot of time away from home, or disrespect his domestic rituals. Your frequent outbursts of anger or emotional detachment will also do the trick. Anything that makes him feel he is no longer secure in his home and relationship will trigger his shield and send him out the door. You’ve seen his soft side, but don’t underestimate his ability to protect himself.


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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Will I meet someone in October?

I have been waiting for transiting Jupiter to conjunct my Natal Mercury (7th house ruler) since July. This is about to happen in few weeks so I casted an horary chart to know if I’ll meet someone new and important/ relationship material during that time.

This is what I got:

Me – Jupiter in Libra/Moon in Taurus
Someone new – Mercury in Virgo/Sun in Virgo (I say the Sun because it is in the 7th so it is obvious that the luminary also represents the quesited)

My ruler is in the 7th and burning by the Sun!
And Moon trines Sun, so this tell me I’ll meet someone but…

Will it be bad??? Reception is awful (I won’t like him?)… Mercury is Retro in his own 12th… (someone from the past?)

Im think this will be a fiasco.

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