Thursday, 28 July 2016

my career environment

so in D-1 chart 10th lord (sun) in 8th house(gemini)..mars in 10th house
D-10 chart ..10th lord (mars)in 11th house (sagittrius)
10th lord (sun)of(D-1) in 11th house of (D-10) chart
mars sun rahu conjuction in 11th house(sagittarius) in D-10 chart
coul any one knows whts my career basically?

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Jupiter’s Transit of Libra and the Air Signs

Credit: DariaZu via iStockphoto

Credit: DariaZu via iStockphoto

Last week we looked at how Jupiter’s upcoming transit of Libra (ingress on September 9th) might impact relationships for the Cardinal signs. This week, we focus on the Air signs: Gemini and Aquarius. Jupiter in Libra will trine these signs; his happy expansion of relationship potential will be delivered easily. This means Jupiter will encourage the Air signs, rather than push them. Much has been made of Jupiter’s gifts, and invariably, there are people who are disappointed after a Jupiter transit. “Where are my gifts?” they wonder. Jupiter presents opportunities, but it’s up to you to do something with them. And sometimes, all Jupiter brings is an increased sense of well-being or curiosity. This can be especially true with the easy trines. And because this is happening in the element of Air, the realm of ideas, ideals and communication will be expanded: the idea of a relationship, or the communication between you and someone else. But this doesn’t invalidate Jupiter’s transit; most things start with an idea.

If you have natal or progressed planets/Nodes in both Gemini and Aquarius, Jupiter in Libra will create a temporary Grand Air Trine in your chart. This will magnify the positive potential, and if relationship planets or houses are involved, it could be very nice for your love life.


Jupiter’s trine will increase your curiosity and social drive. That’s saying something, because you’re already open to meeting and chatting with almost anyone. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom — wisdom that’s gained through exploration. Checking out new activities, meeting new people. So not only will you be encouraged to broaden your social circle, your ideas about relationships (what’s possible, what works for you) may expand. If you’re single, this will help you meet someone. If you’re in a relationship, it can open up the lines of communication between you and your partner, or encourage a different approach to an ongoing issue. You may also find it easier to expand on a plan. For example, you expand on the idea of doing X with your lover (going on a trip, buying a home, moving in together), rather than randomly flirting with it and then dropping it. It’s still in the idea stage, and action will be needed to make it happen. But at least it’s fleshed out.

Jupiter rules your opposite sign (Sagittarius). Your sign is about details, and Jupiter is about the big picture. You always seem to have multiple activities (or attractions) on the go. Jupiter will expand your choices even more, so initially you may be overwhelmed. But because this is a harmonious aspect, Jupiter can help you synthesize.  Under this influence, you can step back and glimpse the bigger picture. Rather than getting stuck in the moment as you flip back and forth between partner A and partner B, or commit/don’t commit, you’ll find it easier to understand future ramifications. This is invaluable when it comes to making effective choices.

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Jupiter is about exploration and freedom, so you’ll probably want more independence. This can take you down some weird and wonderful paths, while making you feel really good about who you are. Not that you don’t feel good already, but I know that some of you question yourselves — especially if you’ve been single for awhile, or have difficulty with the traditional relationship model (or any relationship model). Jupiter’s trine will brush those questions aside and encourage you to celebrate being you. This confidence can ease any anxieties that may be plaguing you (Aquarians can become quite high-strung and anxious). You’ll be more relaxed, which will help you enjoy your brand of independence, which can attract someone. You’ll just be more open to whomever’s out there. If you’re interested in meeting someone, that is.

If you’re in a relationship, the enhanced need for freedom still stands. How this impacts your relationship depends on the situation between you and your partner. You already have a willingness to overlook things. Jupiter can buoy you up and add a shot of optimism to this, resulting in a breakthrough around certain difficulties. Rather than simply being detached about that difficult situation between you and your lover, you’ll find it easier to have faith that things can work out. And you may be motivated to do something about it. You may become inspired and discover a workaround for both of you. You could also feel more generous, loving and cuddly (within reason), if Jupiter is aspecting your Sun, Moon or Venus. Then again, an existing crack in a relationship can widen to the point where Jupiter’s warm wind of freedom blows you right out the door, and on to greener pastures.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Friendship question

Hi everyone :sideways:
Last year I went through a very nasty divorce. I’ve heard some friends will dump you during your divorce for a variety of reasons. I had 2 people who stopped speaking to me. So I asked a horary question, was it because of the divorce.
I’m mars, in my own rulership and in my own house. My friends are represented by mercury in the 10th. There’s a square applying from mercury to mars, so I take that to mean yes.
But here’s the thing, Saturn is in the first retrograde. What does that represent? I can’t read the chart??

July 26 2:33pm scranton pa is the chart info


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Sunday, 24 July 2016

When will I be moving?

My mom passed away In January and I just sold my childhood home, so will be looking to move next year. At least that’s the plan. I rent right now, and they don’t allow pets, and I’m desperate to get a lovely pet, especially now feeling so lonely. I may rent again or buy – we’ll see what presents at the time. I’ve had some intense anxiety to deal with since her passing, so I’m still in healing mode right now. I’ll stay put for at least the rest of this year.

BTW, I used whole sign for this chart, and I know most of you use regio, but I switched to whole sign last year and haven’t looked back. Even Rob Hand uses whole sign now, even for horaries, but I’ll look at both. Here’s a link to his publication about it if you’re interested

In this chart I’m Jupiter, and 4th ruler is also Jupiter. Mutable and in the 10th house, which represents me quite well. Jupiter is in its detriment in Virgo, but placed in the 10th has accidental dignity. So I have the funds to move, but I’m not feeling up for it quite yet. After Jupiter moves into Libra then he gets a bit more dignity, or at least comes out of detriment. Current home is either Jupiter, ruler of 4th, or Mars ruler of the IC. Uranus is conjunct the IC so it looks like I will indeed be moving.

the 7th is the 4th from the 4th, and represents the new place. It is Mercury. Mercury is in Leo in the 9th house, and is exactly conjunct the Part of Fortune, as well as Venus, so it looks like it will be a lovely place.

There’s no aspect from Jupiter to Merc, but the Moon will trine Mercury. Moon first trines Saturn retro, altho is about to turn direct, and then it will conjunct the IC, and then trine Venus and then Mercury and the Part of Fortune. So, I’ll get there eventually – I think. :smile:

But what about the timing? The angles are mutable, and the IC is cardinal. Jupiter, my ruler, is also mutable, so at least things are flowy and not fixed. Saturn on the Asc represents where I am now – not feeling super swift, altho healing. I’m hoping I’ll be feeling better when Saturn goes direct, as Saturn is my profected ruler for this year!

Jupiter, my ruler, isn’t doing much except will oppose Chiron, which again speaks to my healing journey.

Should I use Moon trine Merc in 13 degrees – fall of 2017 ? Oh, and I see the Moon progresses to conjunct Uranus on the IC in Oct of 2017. Huge orb there I know, but interesting still.

I’m not sure. What do you see about when?


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Love Horoscope for the Week of July 25

weeklyloveUnfortunately there will be no Love Horoscope this week. In its place, Sasstrology presents some Sponsored Content.

MONDAY: Tired? Run down? Maybe what you need is MOON IN ARIES! THIS MONDAY ONLY — Moon in Aries makes useful aspects to Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, so go go go! Who cares about that potentially disastrous square to Pluto? Get out of my way!
© Moon in Aries (read all warnings before using)

TUESDAY: Relax. Breathe Deeply. Moon in Taurus is ready to slow things down and make things a little more chill. Give yourself a break. Enjoy your supper.
© Moon in Taurus (now with extra gravy!)

WEDNESDAY: In today’s hectic Information Age, you need to stay smart in order to stay on top. Mercury trine Uranus brings you blindingly fast data processing speeds and the creative thinking you need to overcome the competition. Rise to the challenge and overcome your obstacles this week!
© Mercury trine Uranus (may require a hardware upgrade on some systems)

THURSDAY: Are you tired of holding back with your opinions? Is it time you told your boss/loved one what a jerk he/she/they are? Throw caution to the wind with Moon in Gemini opposite Mars in Sagittarius! Hey, the week is nearly over, and you’ve put up with their crap for too long! Lock and load!
© Moon opposite Mars. Please consult a legal professional before using at full strength.


SATURDAY: Sooth your jangled nerves with Moon in Cancer. Take care of yourself. Relax with a nice bubble bath. Your feelings and desires may just be a little too deep to fully share with someone else anyway. Jerks.
© Moon in Cancer (ask your Mom if it’s okay to use)

SUNDAY: Moon in Cancer may be temporarily disabled from its auto-protective routines by a temporary trine to Neptune. Please stand by until the opposition to Pluto later in the evening for full defensive measure to come back online.
© Moon in Cancer (whatever will Mom say??)

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

current transits!!

what are my current transits about my career and my personal life?
anything good??

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Friday, 22 July 2016

Mars in Libra, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Libra’s charming approach will touch Moon in Sagittarius’ optimistic heart, resulting in a dynamic, cheerful couple. Sag needs her own space, and Mars in Libra will give her this. Although his primary drive is to be part of a couple, once he’s in a relationship, he’s uncomfortable if things get too intense.

Mars in Libra will pull out all the stops to initiate a romance. But once he’s got what he wants, he finds it easier to commit if things don’t get too heavy. He’ll do what it takes to keep his partner happy, but Mars in Libra will avoid direct conflict and emotional scenes. This doesn’t mean he’s a relationship lightweight, but it does mean that he’s best suited to a partner who understands his distaste for intensity. Also, his lover should accept that while he may instinctively flirt with (and be attracted to) others, this doesn’t devalue his commitment to her.

Moon in Sagittarius needs something to look forward to. She’s most comfortable when there’s a sense of “more” on the horizon, and when her partner is ready to join her on the journey. Moon in Sag will lift her partner up with her good moods, but she’ll become restless and unhappy if she feels restricted. Her laid-back approach to most things may rub her partner the wrong way, if he thinks she’s mocking something that’s important to him.

Mars in Libra’s romantic efforts will seem a bit precious to Sagittarius, because she really doesn’t care about all the frou-frou. But she will be drawn to Libra’s charm, and she’ll appreciate that he always knows when to back off and give her room. Mars in Libra will sense that Sagittarius is not overly concerned with the whole couple thing, and this will encourage him to try even harder. But they’ll make it work, because her relaxed attitude will be just what he wants. If someone else does catch his eye, she won’t panic or blow it out of proportion. Together, they’ll create a fun-loving union where each has room to be themselves.

View all the Mars-Moon combinations ››

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