Thursday, 8 December 2016

Leah Remini

Anyone watching her show on A&E? It’s about exposing the Church of Scientology. Very informative, interesting and heartwarming. She has a very unique story. The girls got some major balls to go up against them.

The birth info is from astrotheme so it’s not entirely reliable. But here’s the chart they provide. Anyone have any more info on her birth time?

Hope this works, on my phone so i cant attach:

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Four Reasons Why You Would Fall Hard For A Leo

 Credit: monchak via iStockphoto

Credit: monchak via iStockphoto

There’s something about a Leo that turns heads the minute she makes an entrance. The first thing you’ll likely notice about her is her hair. Given that Leo’s symbol is the Lion, an iconic mane immediately sets her apart. But there’s a lot more going on with Leo than a great head of hair. Here are four attributes that will set you on fire if you happen to encounter her magic spark:

1. Turn Up the Heat

Ruled as he is by the Sun, and operating through fire’s element, Leo exudes sincere warmth. And he possesses an instinctive ability to dial it up or down. That’s an admirable quality that speaks of self-awareness, given how easy it can be for a Leo to dominate any situation. So he artfully assesses the environment he’s in, with a drive to remain visible yet appropriate. It’s very telling that Leo rules the heart–the center of the body–for this is where he resides and acts from. Yes, Leo can walk a fine line between egotism and higher consciousness. Integrating heart and ego is part of his journey. Yet he consistently returns to the warmth and generosity of that heart fire blazing within him. Try and resist this; it’s about as easy as backing away from a cozy fire in a chalet.

2.Turn Up the Volume

Leo is no shrinking violet. If you hear a great roar of laughter, it’s likely coming from a Lioness. She is outgoing and vivacious to the point of being gregarious. She unabashedly savors every moment of fun that presents itself. And should there be a deficit of pleasure, she will conjure it up. She possesses a passion for life that sparks every thing and person she touches. The Lion’s energy also makes Leo a born leader; she is downright sizzling, whether in the boardroom or the boudoir. If you fall for Leo, prepare to live large and out loud.

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3.Turn Up the Lights

There’s a reason why Leo comes across as a superstar. He is governed by the Sun, central to life here on Earth. The Sun is our day star, and Leo resonates naturally and wholeheartedly with star power. It’s no coincidence that a great number of Leos flock to the stage lights. There’s something exciting and uplifting about being in the presence of one who radiates confidence, and who commands attention center stage. When you hook up with Leo, you take some of his fearless performance energy into your own system. It might manifest as a sense of inspiration. Falling for Leo means having an inexhaustible supply of mega wattage eureka moments, with a built-in champion of all that you hold dear to your heart as well.

4. Leo/Sun in Your Chart

If you’re hot for Leo, know that she gravitates towards commitment and stability. Think you have the glue to stick it out for the long haul? Here are some energy markers in your natal chart that can indicate a strong connection between you:

  • Leo on the 7th House Cusp, Sun in the 7th House, 7th House Ruler in hard aspect to Sun: If you were born with Aquarius Rising, you already know what a premium you place on your space. Yet drama is a necessary ingredient that spices up your relationships. Leo can certainly provide that. It’s a similar dynamic for those with the Sun in the 7th house of committed partnership or in an opposition or square to the ruler of your 7th house. This frictive energy excites you and spurs greater growth.
  • Venus or Mars in the 5th House, or in hard aspect to Sun: Leo energy is naturally attuned to the 5th house, where you take your greatest risks, be they creative, financial or romantic. Some would say that the biggest gamble we take is when we give our hearts to another. With cosmic lovers Venus or Mars camped out in your 5th house, you understand only too well the stakes of every longing in your heart. If either of these planets are elsewhere in your chart–but interacting in a dynamic way with the Sun–you have a natural inclination for Leo’s magnanimous energy. Yes, it feels like a risk. But with a Leo occupying the central spot in your love life, the risk is well worth it.


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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Should I quit?


I become a mother and have difficulties in finding childcare for my baby. I am thinking of taking a break from work. Should I quit?

What does the chart say?

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Love Horoscope for the Week of December 5

weeklyloveThe work week begins with a Void of Course Moon in Aquarius that eats up the entire work day. And here you thought nothing was getting done just because the holidays were approaching!

The love mood this week is, as is often the case, influenced by the actions of Venus and Mars, both of whom have major roles to play this week. On Tuesday (but in effect throughout the week) Mars sextile Uranus lends new energy to sex drives everywhere. Sometimes things that are boiling away near the surface need a little extra push in order to erupt, and Uranus enjoys a good eruption as much as Mars does. This is also a good time to make a breakthrough in any department of your life that needs it — and since the sextile is a relatively “soft” aspect, you can find those breakthroughs without too many breakdowns or breakups (hopefully).

On Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius. For many people “Venus” and “Aquarius” can sound like the ultimate Odd Couple. Venus is all sweet and up-close and personal, and Aquarius often seems to be better at reading the crowd than paying attention to those pesky, swarming individuals that crowd is composed of. Despite that, new and interesting things can certainly happen to your love life when Venus is in Aquarius, and if you’ve had a look at the state of your love life lately, “new and interesting things” probably sounds like a good deal. This particularly electrifying combination lasts until early January.

Venus and Mars set the tone for your weekend dating outlook, and three other factors provide an extra push to help you find the emotional shelter you’re seeking. First, on Friday, Sun sextile Jupiter makes for a generally more boisterous mood, where people will be a little less shy about approaching a potential mate, and in general good times should be easier to find. Friday night’s Void of Course Moon in Aries may not do much for meeting someone new, but it can be a great Date Night for pumping a little more life into an existing situation.

Early Saturday morning brings Mercury sextile Neptune, which softens and sweetens your communications. Want to really express yourself to that Certain Someone in a new and creative way? Now is the time!

Finally: I know I’ve talked a lot about sex and excitement and such this week, but if you want to put it all together in a smooth, easy, and heartfelt package, keep in mind that Saturday evening concludes with Moon in Taurus sextile Neptune, which casts a warm and loving glow over the evening.

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Old Sagitttarius

Hello, I’ve been here for a couple of years and I just want to welcome all friends to this astrology forum. I hope you enjoy your time here!

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Hexagram 24 • Return • Line 5

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Image for I Ching hexagram 24, Return

Six in the Fifth Place

Whether this moment is the beginning of a new cycle of time
or is a turning to a new direction,
look back and reflect.
Mistakes made in the past can be avoided in this turning point?


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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Sagittarius’ big leaps will feel waayy too big for Moon in Cancer. She needs to keep it cozy, while he craves freedom to explore. However, both can be very loving, in different ways. If they can reach an understanding, this could be a relationship with a non-stop supply of passion and affection.

Mars in Sagittarius is not shy. When he’s attracted to someone new, or wants to start something with an existing partner, he’s bold, enthusiastic and completely open about what he wants. His motto could be “Let’s go!” concerning any part of the relationship–sex, travel, an evening out. Mars in Sagittarius approaches everything with pushy confidence, leavened with a playful attitude. The best way for his partner to support him is to go along with his latest adventure. The best way for her to turn him off would be a refusal to try anything new, while telling him he “should” calm down or be careful. He’ll interpret this as a lack of faith.

Moon in Cancer needs safety and reassurance. She’s a cautious partner, and her fears and comforts are rooted in primal security needs that go back to childhood. However, once Moon in Cancer has determined that her lover is safe, she’ll open up and become an ultra-loving, nurturing partner. Her need to provide care is so intense, she can become smothering–if she had her way, she’d keep her partner swaddled in the same cocoon she lives in.

Mars in Sagittarius will gallop towards Cancer, and she’ll retreat. His first moves may be too loud and boisterous, as Moon in Cancer needs time before she trusts. Sag may lose patience and look elsewhere. But if other connections between these two are strong enough, Sagittarius will remain intrigued, and he’ll keep trying. Moon in Cancer may eventually be won over by his warmth and confidence–here’s someone who could protect her. Mars in Sagittarius will be delighted when he discovers Cancer’s emotional side, and he’ll match this with large amounts of energetic loving. But he won’t be so delighted by her possessive care. He’ll want to go out while she’ll prefer to stay in and snuggle on the couch. He’ll make a joke about it, which will hurt her feelings. If these two are going to make it work, Sag will have to dial it back just a bit, while Cancer will need to realize that he must have freedom to move. And everything he does is not meant to hurt her feelings.

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