Monday, 24 October 2016

Where will all of this lead us?

Not sure if this is the best question…one thing i know for sure is that i am sick of it…. Fights and quarrels cause all i want is a to go out for a coffee without him… to spend a little quality time with myself… after 13 years of being totally and all the time together… Everytime i want to do something that i didn’t use to all these years… such as go out for a coffee while he will stay home with the baby… he tries to put a leash on me…like i am some kind of ownership…. i do not want to read the chart..i am sure i would do it wrong…if anyone wants to help plz do… the question was where will all of this between us lead… not sure anymore…and not in a good mood either… Attachment 63585

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Love Horoscope for the Week of October 24

weeklyloveMonday brings the Orionid meteor shower. There’s no astrological significance to this, but since the Moon is Void of Course until the evening, feel free to use it as an excuse to take the day off.

Much of the week’s romantic mood is a bit like you — or someone you knew — back in high school: eager, sweet, kind of confused, and too horny for his/her/your own good. The eager, sweet, and confused part comes thanks to a couple of Venus aspects during the mid-week, and then the awkward arousal comes from Mars on the weekend. But let’s follow tradition and start with niceties before we get naked, okay?

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Venus makes two important aspects that can lead to the romantic breakthroughs this week that you’ve been waiting for — provided you know how to handle the energies properly. Venus square Neptune on Tuesday increases cravings of all sorts… not just relationship-wise, but literal cravings as well. Someone out there is bound to have their defenses down enough to hear your romantic pitch, but show a little caution. The square aspect is far from stable, and Venus and Neptune aren’t known for their sound judgement.

Both Venus and Neptune are now in Signs that are ruled by Jupiter (if you use classic rulerships)… Sagittarius and Pisces respectively. This in and of itself might be enough to guarantee an amorous (if potentially unwise) adventure… until Wednesday, when Jupiter itself makes an aspect to Venus. Venus sextile Jupiter is one of those very real (yet quiet and gentle) aspects that could slide without you noticing — don’t let that happen! This is one soft and adorable puppy of a transit. Notice how everyone melts around a puppy? Don’t you wish you could have that effect on someone? Well, make the effort to get out and get a date during the middle of this week. You’ll see what I mean.

Oh. I get it. You’re too cool to want to be all swoony over someone. Or, maybe you just like things more serious. I get it. Don’t worry — the Solar System has something for you, too. If you prefer spice over sweet, look to Mars… and three very special Mars events are going on. Mars is still in conjunction range of Pluto, and that’s pretty powerful. Sex drives are a little more insistent than usual. Second, Mars is in the Sign of it’s “exaltation,” Capricorn. An exalted planet is one that does its best work. So yes… Mars in Capricorn means an amplified yet more refined sex drive.

Add to this the power of Mars square Uranus, exact in the wee hours of Saturday (Pacific) or late night Friday (Atlantic). Then — oh we’re not done yet — add the very romantic seriousness of Venus conjunct Saturn (exact Saturday). If you like it bold and head-on, has The Universe ever have a weekend planned for you…

Finally: if all of that left you begging for forgiveness from the Divine, there’s always the New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday, which gives us all a chance to sit down and think about how we’d like our lives to be different in the next month. Try it this time and see!

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Advice on composite chart.

Used my own intuition and … it’s grim.
Any thoughts on it ? Good aspects (if you can find) ,bad ones ..doens’t matter, any help is wc .
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Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Scorpio’s slow but relentless advances will complement Moon in Capricorn’s emotional discipline. He’ll work his way past her boundaries, and she’ll resonate with his focus and determination. The resulting union will be private, passionate and quietly ambitious.

Mars in Scorpio aims to drill into the heart of his lover. His intensity and persistence can be intimidating — his sheer force of will and sexual magnetism eventually break down the boundaries of anyone he’s in a relationship with. Mars in Scorpio wants a committed, authentic partnership with someone who is not only open to his explorations, but has the courage to match his forceful energy.

Moon in Capricorn needs structure in her relationship. She does not trust easily, and letting down her guard is a long, slow process. Even if Moon in Capricorn lets someone in, she’ll always need to call the shots in her domestic life. And she’s perfectly suited to this, with her instinctive grasp of order, control and disciplined progress.

Mars in Scorpio will sense Capricorn’s fears, and will work on identifying and overcoming them. His approach will be slow and steady, and he won’t back down until he’s figured out what unlocks her. Moon in Capricorn will be initially cautious, but will respect Scorpio’s strength and commitment. Even once Mars in Scorpio has accessed Capricorn’s unexpectedly sensual heart, she’ll always maintain her authority. Scorpio will allow her to be the boss in some areas, as her focus on practicalities and his focus on transformation creates a union that’s grounded but deeply passionate.

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Friday, 21 October 2016

Short lived encounters

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering, why is it that whenever I meet ppl I really like I find the encounter is short lived. Like whenever I meet someone I think yeah, finally someone I can click with them on so many levels and can see myself comfortable with them, and then they always end up leaving soon after. The longest duration of friendship being a year, and then they usually disappear on their journey in life, mostly moving to another state or country, and then I get very sad about it. I’m guessing this is shown in my chart. I love foreigners, so naturally they are the types of ppl on the move. I love ppl who are cultured and understanding.

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Accurate Psychic Readings – Lotus Tarot

Being able to obtain accurate psychic readings is a skill in itself. The first thing you should understand is how to pick a psychic that is suitable to you.

Please feel free to read some of our tips and tricks to getting a better reading.

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How To Tell If Venus in Leo Likes You Back

So you’ve got a thing for someone born with Venus in Leo. You’re aiming pretty high: she or he is quite a catch, but in order to avoid any egg-on-face moments, you’ll need some clues as to whether or not this class act is into you. Two key points for starters: 1) Venus in Leo does not do understated. If you’re imagining that he’s hot for you but is just too chicken to say it, that’s just wishful thinking. Venus in Leo will make some noise if he is into you — and he needs you to let loose with your affection, too. Pretty straightforward, very little guess work. 2) Venus in Leo does not do sharesies. If you need poly love, go find someone with lots of Aquarius energy. Venus in Leo is one possessive lover — and if he’s set his sights on you, he’s looking for your complete devotion to him alone. Notice that his eyes are solely on you, and not darting around the place to see if there’s another prospect. Again, easy-peasy: eyes are on you, he’s looking for a connection.

Looking for Something Solid

Sure, she may flirt with you, but understand that Venus in Leo needs consistency. This is a lover who, for all of her surface pizzazz, desires something solid and real. This is fixed energy, and deep attachment is necessary — no sudden changes. If you’ve landed this lioness and have some bold upcoming life changes, better start preparing her slowly and gently, weeks or months in advance. And if you can convince her that these changes are her idea, more power to you.

False Bravado

Now let’s be clear: Venus in Leo is occasionally prone to focusing on themselves — sometimes to the exclusion of others. So how are you supposed to know if he’s into you or not, when he’s all about himself? Here’s the real deal: he’s not really all about himself, but it’s a pretty good front to mask a teensy weensy bit of insecurity. Hey, being in the spotlight as often as Venus in Leo finds himself can become a bit of a trap — all of that high maintenance to keep up. So don’t be to put off by a bit of (false) bravado. That will fade over time, if you’re lucky enough to make it that far with Venus in Leo. If he runs his fingers through your hair, take the hint. It’s a big neon sign inviting you to make your move — now, while he’s feeling the heat.

Careful, though: Venus in Leo wants to be in control — or at least be given the illusion of control. So match move for move — think a tennis match and the endurance required. And leave her some room to go over the top or to outdo you in the wooing department. Venus in Leo — the sign of royalty — wants to make a splash. If you’re prepared to let her shine — and to support and cheerlead all the while — you’ve got a solid chance of making a go of a relationship.

Let the Light Shine

Is playing second fiddle going to be enough for you? You don’t need to worry about that. As much as Venus in Leo relishes attention and praise, that’s not to suggest that he wants you to hide your light under a bushel. In fact, that would be a buzzkill. It’s just a matter of timing. No stealing focus from Venus in Leo at the moment he’s doing his thing for the world to see. You’ll have your turn to shine; and when you do — if you knock his socks off — Venus in Leo will roar with approval and sing your praises. There’s a lot of pride with this potential mate — not just self-pride, but pride in his partner’s accomplishments as well.

Take a Compliment

And Venus in Leo does flattery like nobody else. You definitely have her attention if she throws a compliment your way. You’ve scored points if she focuses on your stylish appearance, for instance, or raves about your hair. But don’t be mistaken that appearance alone will get you in the door. Venus in Leo is secretly strategic about bestowing a compliment; she may appreciate bold style, but she is in the romance game for the long haul — and she’s assessing whether or not you can deep dive as much as skim the surface.

Operating through the element of fire, Venus in Leo has a strong creative flair. Maybe he’s an actor, maybe a fashion editor, or a painter. Venus in Leo may not be a household name… yet. But he needs inspiration — and you may very possibly be his muse. If you too are free with expressing your creative urges, you can be sure that this will stoke Venus in Leo’s fire. If he boasts about you to others, you can be sure that you have more than caught his attention; he’s mighty proud of you — and, by extolling all of your accomplishments (perhaps even with a bit of exaggeration), he is announcing to everyone that you are his. See what I mean about not being subtle? The Lion is halfway to dragging you into his den already.

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