Sunday, 26 June 2016

Moon void of course

What does it mean if Natal moon is void of course (or any moon for that matter)?

My Natal moon was void of course in 9° Gemini.

Pls help.

Btw I’m a Cappy sun, and Leo asc

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Love Horoscope for the Week of June 27

weeklyloveTired of the state of your affairs d’amour? Looking for a boost? Well, lucky you: the sky is going to lend you a helping hand this week! Both Venus and Mars (the feminine and masculine principles in romance, if you prefer those terms over “looking sexy” and “gettin’ some”) will be particularly active this week, and if you take advantage of the conditions, you’ll be able to pump some Life into your Love Life.

Monday starts off with a romantic bang (get your mind out of the gutter — it’s a work day!) as Venus in Cancer makes the exact trine to Neptune. Even if you aren’t particularly looking for love, someone nearby certainly will be. The good news is that if you’re looking for it, it’s going to be easier to find. The bad news is that if you’re avoiding it — or someone specific — it (or that person) may well come looking for you. Yes, even a trine can be a nuisance sometimes. This aspect will be in effect for a few days, which means it’ll be there for you when the mid-week Mars action kicks in!

On Wednesday, Mars ends its retrograde in Scorpio and turns direct. Your goals (romantic or otherwise) will be a little easier to accomplish, not just because the retrograde is over, but because “stationary” planets (right around the time a retrograde starts or ends) tend to be particularly powerful. Libidos everywhere are likely to be amped up to Full Scorpio levels. Again, as with the Venus-Neptune trine, this could be a good thing or (potentially) a bad one, depending on the company you keep. Your circumstances may require sending a love letter, or perhaps a carefully-phrased “cease and desist”… and in either case, Mercury’s entry into Cancer on Wednesday will help you find the right words.

As if all that weren’t enough to get you out and looking for love, the second half of the week is dominated by two powerful Venus aspects. On Thursday, Venus in Cancer (who’s a sweet girl but sometimes a bit too much of a wallflower for her own good) gets blasted out of her complacency by an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Admit it: sometimes it’s fun to pine away for love — or even agonize over it a little — and the opposition to Pluto is custom-made for those conditions. If that sounds a little too jarring for you, take comfort in Friday’s Venus sextile Jupiter. This aspect amplifies the “sweetness and light” side of romance, and is well suited to romantic gestures.

This brings us to the weekend, where (Friday and Saturday) Moon in Gemini will take a little of the emphasis off of the raging hormones and help you either maintain enough detachment to avoid rushing into something that may not be a good idea… or give you the verbal and intellectual edge when it comes to talking someone into something. Either way… let’s all play safe out there, shall we?

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Will I get married in 2017?

I want to know if I will get married in 2017?

Thank you.


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Mars in Libra, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

This relationship has some sparkle. Mars in Libra’s romantic moves will ignite Moon in Leo’s need to feel special. Libra will know exactly how to make her feel like a queen, and Leo will respond with generous expressions of affection and loyalty. And the occasional surge of jealousy. 

Mars in Libra is not just a flirt. He has a lock on the finer points of courtship. He’s the guy that sends you flowers for no reason, or finds something to compliment about your appearance, even if you’ve had the flu for a week. Mars in Libra is motivated to make others feel attractive. He can find a common bond with almost anyone, and his partner will appreciate his willingness to do what it takes to keep the peace. What she won’t appreciate is his repressed desire for conflict and indirect way of expressing his anger. While he appears to want only peace, he’s motivated by some relationship tension. 

Moon in Leo needs her partner to recognize how special she is, and treat her accordingly. Because the Moon is a private, instinctive energy, this need may not be obvious. When Moon in Leo isn’t open about her inner queen, or when her partner overlooks this, trouble can arise. Childish displays of drama are her way of getting the attention she’s been denied.

Mars in Libra will hone in on Leo’s inner diva. He’ll expertly wine, dine and seduce her, because he’ll act exactly the way she needs him to. His flair for pure romance will be encouraged by her need for fun, grandiose displays, and drama. The more he compliments her, the hotter her loving responses will be. This will result in a glam relationship where stylish displays of love are the norm. Moon in Leo’s diva demands will satiate Libra’s secret desire for conflict. If she catches him flirting, her jealousy will make things a bit spicy. He’ll scramble to keep her happy, while enjoying the chemistry. 

View all the Mars-Moon combinations ››

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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Will I get over him?

Please help me. We have been friends and colleagues for the last decade. It changed earlier this year into a relationship – more deep emotional attachment and a sense of real meaningful connection – but he ended it a week ago. It was always going to be messy and complicated, I know that. But I am devastated – so desperate and distraught. I know I need to get back to a point where I did not need him so much. Please tell me that I will.

I am an amateur at best, so this is what I can see. I am mercury in my own 10th in Gemini, so have some dignity. My emotions are signified by moon in fifth, just separated from a conjunction with Saturn, am I right that the moon is peregrine and therefore has little power to do anything?
Is he fifth or seventh house? I assume 7th – I which case he is Jupiter, in my 1st, his own 7th – meaning I presume that I am very much focused on him. Jupiter in Virgo is in detriment – weak but I don’t know what else it means.

Mercury is applying by square to Jupiter – does that mean that I am still reaching out to him? (I cannot seem to kill that last bit of hope that he will change his mind even though I know he won’t and my hope is stupid and immature)
Jupiter has just separated from Saturn. Moon has separated from a square from Jupiter – can I take it that that means I will find it hard to get over him but will manage it? If so, when can I expect to regain some control of my emotions?

I don’t what to make if the grand cross.

I am very grateful for anything that anyone is able to add. This is killing me.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Signs Most Likely to Commit

Credit: purmar via iStockphoto

Credit: purmar via iStockphoto

All signs are capable of committing, and not committing. But for some signs, romantic commitment comes more easily. Some are desperate to latch on to a partner because of insecurity. Others are simply clear and confident about what they want. In this article, “commitment” is defined as the decision to have a monogamous relationship (although polyamory is another type of commitment, but not the type this article will look at). If someone wants to commit, there is a readiness to stay the course in a partnership, through good times and bad. This can refer to legal marriage or common law partnership. The package that the commitment comes in is less important than the core intention. This applies to anyone with their Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or 7th House ruler in the following signs.

The Signs That Stick With You

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn are natural committers. I’m sure you have some examples of these signs as cheaters or wafflers, and examples of other signs (not mentioned in this article) who have been married for years. As I wrote in the first paragraph, all signs are capable of both ends of the commitment spectrum. The following descriptions don’t negate love as part of the package. In many cases, love is a given. But primary motivations are driven by other reasons. Someone can love you to bits, but if they don’t have that key motivation, they’ll never commit.


She’s supremely aware of who meets her survival-based needs. Once she finds someone who makes her comfortable, she’s extremely reluctant to let them go. She dislikes change, so commitment is part of her routine. Also, she has a possessive streak. To some extent, her partner can become one of her possessions, and there’s no way she’s giving her stuff up.


Security is his thing. He wants to create a cozy home with available hugs, and often that will include a partner. Even the most secure Cancer has a needy streak, so commitment is very much about having someone there. This is the sign of the mother and the child, and Cancer will alternate between the two. He needs someone to look after him, and he needs to look after someone.


She understands that relationships are hard work. Sometimes she can make them hard work, but that’s another story. Suffice it to say that Virgo is up for the challenge of relationship as project. Her goal is to make it (and her partner) better. When things get difficult, it’s a problem to be solved, not a reason to quit. Cheating is simply wrong, and goes against her high standards. Giving up is also wrong — Virgo hates to be wrong.


Scorpio invests so much in the right person that he almost has no choice but to commit. “‘Til death do us part” is appealing, because he loves those extremes. A relationship must involve the exploration of each partner’s limits. If things become difficult, that’s even better, because Scorpio wants to walk through the fire with his love. Commitment is also about power: once he’s chosen someone, he decides on the end date of the relationship. But because there’s so much inner exploration to do, that end date may never come.


Commitment is a natural for this Saturn-ruled sign. She follows tradition and instinctively knows how to be responsible. Capricorn was born with the understanding that life is an uphill slog, and if you want to get anywhere, you have to be determined. So she takes her partnership responsibilities very seriously. It’s also about control: success means keeping it together and staying focused on the goal. Philandering or waffling is the exact opposite of this. Even if she’s unhappy, Capricorn is loath to give up because this suggests she failed.

Other Natal Factors

Signs are one part of the story, but planetary aspects are the other. A heavily-aspected or prominent Saturn (Saturn on one of the angles, or the main planet in a chart configuration) will enhance the native’s responsibility and maturity. Then again, a prominent Saturn can enhance the native’s fear of being hurt, blocking out the potential for all relationships. But assuming he wants a relationship, Saturn is a must for commitment.

Hard and easy aspects from Saturn to relationship planets can do the trick, although the hard aspects suggest that commitment may also involve blind duty. Aspects from Pluto can sometimes enhance the ability to commit, although this would be about demanding everything from a relationship and partner. Sometimes a stellium of planets in a particular house can make the native so focused that he cannot conceive of anything but a commitment. For example, a 4th House stellium makes a home life very important. A 7th House stellium would make one-on-one partnerships the main focus. An 8th House stellium suggests intimate relationships are a priority. Mind you, if the stellium receives hard aspects from other planets (like Neptune or Uranus) the focus on that area would be conflicted.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Rahu conjunct 11th lord mystery!!!

Hi everyone

lets see who can figure this one out

in my chart rahu os conjunct 11th lord moon, which prediction is true

1) Rahu eclipses the moon , therefore the moon is powerless,damaged , weak, blocked and since its 11th lord income will be veryyy low and no wishes will come true
2) Rahu acts like its dispostior Jupiter and bein aspected by Jupiter and therefore will amplify moon (11th) lord and bring huge income, money and wishes wil come true
3) Moon has full directional strength and in Kendra but is in marka karaka position (death degree in saggitarius) so it is good and bad

21:45 pm
england london

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