Wednesday, 31 August 2016

When can I start my next film?

I’ve made one short film which received a good response. I’m now planning a second film. My main career needs time. So the start of my second short film has gotten delayed a bit. Can you tell me when I will be able to start it?

As I see it, the first lord Venus is in 5th house, which is the house of creative projects. So, this chart reflects the question, especially since Venus also rules films. The Moon is angular but close to the Sun, decreasing in light. This doesn’t seem positive. If I consider the semi-sextile aspect, Moon is SS Venus. I would only do this because Venus is so strong in Libra and dignified in 5th. Would you consider this? What would it mean?

Neptune is very close to the 11th cusp. Neptune shows a fertile imagination. So maybe this is positive. The fifth lord is Mercury in 5th house and retrograde. I would have seen this as negative but for the fact that Venus is in 5th in its own sign. Mercury is also 2nd lord and is in its own sign but in the last degrees and retrograde. So, a mixed bag. Venus, the lord of 5th is separating from both Mercury and Jupiter.


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Monday, 29 August 2016

Can something in a natal chart make someone obsessive?

I tend to become really obsessed with people. Especially people who are the total opposite of what I am. Since we can be honest here and please don’t judge me I stalk some people on this forum but not like I want to know where you live or something, it’s more like ohhhh she or he seems real interesting I wonder when were they born or how old are they and what forums do they go on. I don’t know I just like to figure out how the human mind,emotions, and spirit work. Sorry if this is a little too much to handle.

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Love Horoscope for the Week of August 29

weeklyloveThe week begins with Mercury conjunct Venus, followed shortly by Venus entering Libra (which is one of the two signs that Venus rules). As Mondays go, this is going to be one where diplomacy and communicating your needs will be easier than usual. In terms of love and romance, Venus in Libra may not be the miracle cure for all your complaints, but it is likely to make the circumstances you are working with at least a little better over the next few weeks. Venus in Virgo tried hard and did all her homework, but didn’t have the same knack for relationships that she does in Libra.

On Tuesday, Mercury turns retrograde and stays that way until September 21st/22nd. As per usual, this is my big opportunity to warn you all that Mercury retrograde is not as dreadful and fearful as you might have come to believe. On the other hand, it’s still a time when your communications and short trips and contractual agreements are more likely than usual to go astray, so — as always — be cautious with your proofreading, map reading, and deal making.

The big astrological news for the week is Thursday’s solar eclipse in Virgo. If you find eclipses a little scary, this one will provide more reasons than usual to panic, since it takes place at 9 degrees Virgo — closely opposite Neptune and square Saturn. If you have any major placements near 9 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) then yes, this eclipse could spell some trouble in the weeks ahead. On the other hand, you’ve already had Saturn and Neptune messing with that degree, so perhaps there’s no additional reason to fret over it. Mostly though: what this means is that Wednesday and Thursday are likely to be a little more tense than usual for all concerned. This too shall pass. On the bright side, I’ve always found that making affirmations on a New Moon tend to work better than usual, and this is a powerful New Moon for getting results.

Your dating situation for the weekend is generally favorable. Venus in Libra is part of that picture, but a couple of Very Special Things happen on Friday and Saturday that might kick your love life up a notch. In the late afternoon/early evening Friday, while the Moon is still in late Virgo, it conjuncts and occults Jupiter, which should bring an extra note of good cheer to your Friday. Finally: if you have a date late on Friday night and manage to make it stretch into the wee hours of Saturday morning, the Moon will be conjunct Venus in Libra. As astrological symbolism goes, it’s hard to imagine anything that is a stronger indication of good love and emotional well-being.

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First Saturn return (4th house)

I am going trought my 1st saturn return. I have my Saturn in Sagg in my 4th house. I’ve read many online articles about it and I couldn’t really find a good explanation of the Saturn in the 4th house. Most of the articles speak about difficult childhood or absent mother (which is not the case, however the mother of my mother was absent ).
When it comes to return, I guess I can expect changes in home environment – well I had to move 5 or 6 times since June 2015 and I am really longing for a nice, not shared home, but this is not possible at the moment.
Somebody else experienced the Saturn return in the 4th house? How was it?

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Hexagram 23 • Splitting Apart • Line 5

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Image hexagram 23, Splitting Apart, line 5

Six the fifth place

Receive help from feminine energy.
A big change is happening.
This is the end of a cycle.
The approaching new time can be life changing.


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Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

These opposites will be drawn together by their willingness to make a total commitment. Mars in Scorpio’s slow but fearless actions will complement Moon in Taurus’ need for absolute security. And each will be strong enough to handle the other’s unbendable stubbornness.

Mars in Scorpio is only interested in a complete relationship. He wants absolute immersion in his partner’s life, and sex must involve profound intimacy. Mars in Scorpio will make it clear that he means business when approaching a prospective partner, and only the most sexually and emotionally fearless lovers will be able to handle him. But for the right partner, he will offer unquestionable loyalty and support.

Moon in Taurus needs a reliable partner. She will stand by her lover, no matter what. But in order to access her emotional strength, her partner must prove that he’s in it for the long haul. Moon in Taurus will create a set routine, and won’t deviate from it. She knows what she needs, but she’s also not able to function with her usual calm sensuality if she’s not feeling at peace.

Mars in Scorpio will be attracted to Taurus’ self-possession. He’ll sense her inner security and sexual vibe. But he’ll also be challenged to push past her limits. Moon in Taurus may resist, initially, but she’ll be won over by his determination. Eventually, she’ll see that he can offer her the strength and stability she needs for a rock-solid union. If Scorpio pushes too far, Taurus will have no problems telling him to back off. If Taurus refuses to budge on a crucial issue, Scorpio will gradually convince her that change can be a good thing. But he’ll never rush her. Together, they’ll create a partnership that emphasizes survival, security and complete commitment.

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Is my birthdate accurate?

My question; Is my birthdate accurate?

It doesnt make any sense; so I think it is wrong. Yet, I need to ask this horary question. When I look at the chart, I’m saturn dont have any aspect with venus -third house ruler signifying my known birthdate. Third ruler venus in virgo – in fall; it doesnt seem strong. So is this no answer ? Help, please.

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