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Truck Crashes Into Psychic's Home Business in Anaheim

A psychic in Orange County said she had a premonition something was going to happen – and it did when a truck plowed into her home business in Anaheim on Friday. Around 4:30 p.m., a truck traveling on Beach Boulevard hit the back of a Toyota Camry …

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Five Reasons Men Should Learn Astrology

You may have noticed by now that, for whatever reason, women are generally more “into” astrology than guys are. For many men, astrology is kind of a “chick thing.” You know, like romantic comedies or “Sex And The City” — things we men find easy, …

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Freewill Astrology: Feb 11 – Feb 17

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19): “Love is a fire,” declared Aries actress Joan Crawford. “But whether it’s going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell.” I disagree with her conclusion. There are practical steps you can take to ensure

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Serious career issues.


Respected astrologers,

I am an engineer and was not satisfied with my job. therefore i quit the job to find a new one in feb 2015 and now i am not able to find any job till now. Please tell me some remedy or when will i be able to find a job.

I am under a lot of stress.. last year i was working in a very nice company but, now i am jobless.

Please help me out with my career issues as with passing time this thing is killing me..

Please find my details below:

DOB: 19/july/1987
Time: 22:45 (10:45 PM)
Place: jalandhar (punjab) india
gender: Male

Thanks in advance.

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henna tattoos

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Serial cheater

My boyfriend has been a serial cheater in the past. He even cheated on me in the beginning of our relationship. He described his need to cheat like an addict seeking their drug. I know he’s not cheating right now, but I am concerned that he may cheat again in the future. Is there anything in his chart that point to why he feels the need to stray in a relationship? Meaning is it because he feels he isn’t getting his needs met? Or will he cheat no matter how well a relationship is going for him?
I do want to say that our relationship is wonderful. I believe we are connected on a soul level, and we plan on getting married this summer. Do we have what it takes to overcome his addiction? Or is this man even capable of being faithful?
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Mars in Leo, Moon in Capricorn

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Status is the theme for this relationship. Both of these signs crave the trappings of success, but Mars in Leo’s flashy approach may feel too obvious for reserved Moon in Capricorn. However, if Capricorn can see beyond Leo’s playful glitz and recognize his powerful ambition, these two could make a formidable team.

Mars in Leo may seem to care only about the spotlight. But underneath his craving for attention is 24 carat ambition and pure dignity. Mars in Leo is hardwired for success, because he’ll never be content unless he’s number one. And at his core, he respects himself. This means that he can be a driven partner who gives his lover the best – with the added bonus of fun and romance.

Moon in Capricorn needs to have a serious goal. She feels secure when she has something to work towards, preferably involving a long climb to the top. Moon in Capricorn doesn’t trust anything that comes too easily, so her lover can expect her to treat their relationship like a long-term business partnership. Her approach may not be romantic, but she’ll bring her utmost dedication and determination to the table.

Mars in Leo won’t impress Moon in Capricorn. She’ll find his attempts to dazzle her distasteful, and his romantic flourishes silly. Depending on the other connections between their charts, Leo will find Moon in Capricorn’s edge too harsh for his ego. Or, he’ll view her as someone worth winning, because he appreciates a strong sense of dignity. Eventually, Capricorn will recognize his inner pride and ability to shine at the top. That’s when these two can really connect. Moon in Capricorn will keep him grounded by limiting his more extravagant gestures, and Leo will inject some fun into the relationship. Maybe he’ll even teach Capricorn a thing or two about romance.

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