Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Parazodiacs in astrology

The common view of the zodiac is there are 12 signs for each month of the astrological year (starts and ends around the 21st of each calendar month), and somehow I believe there are just 12 signs, not 13 (Ophiuchus considered one in sidereal astrology). Did you know 6 parazodiacs such as Ophiuchus can alter your charts and horoscopes? They are Cetus (Mar. 5-Apr. 5), Orion (May 5-June 5), Sextans (Jul. 6-Aug. 6), Corvus or Hydra’s “tail” (Sep. 6-Oct. 6), Ophiuchus (Nov. 6-Dec. 6) and Aquila (Jan. 5- Feb. 5), half of each one of the 12 signs are influenced by adjacent constellations by the ecliptic. It may explain my relationships with certain Geminis and Libras (I’m an Aquarius, an air sign) can differ when a parazodiac is present by the natal birth date sun’s position.

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Shaadi Dot Com Lyrics

Shaadi Dot Com Lyrics Sharry Mann in new Punjabi Songs Lyrics is sung by Sharry Mann while Ni tu Shaadi .com utte munda bhaaldi lyrics penned down by Raviraj

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Hexagram 25 • Line 2

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Image hexagram 25, line 2

Six in the Second Place

Trust in nature.
Flowers bloom in their own time.

Six in the second place changes to hexagram 10.


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Love Horoscope for the Week of January 23

Sometimes in life, all it takes to make things better is to come to an understanding about them. Not everything in your life may be all great all the time, but the ability to fit it all into a larger pattern can get you through it. Or, as a popular series of children’s books might put it: A Series of Unfortunate Events is more bearable if it’s part of a larger narrative somehow.

Regardless of where you and your love life are this week, there are a couple of opportunities for you to change your storyline, or at least to understand the characters’ motivations a little better.

All of this happens against the backdrop of the ongoing Jupiter-Uranus opposition. There are times when a little revolution is a good thing, and that might apply to where you are with your life and your relationships (or lack thereof). Uranus is all about the revolution, and the Jupiter opposition is like a crowd cheering the rebels on. Just keep in mind that even a “good” revolution involves things blowing up and burning down. Just be careful where you throw that Molotov cocktail.

Mercury sextile Neptune on Monday makes the first part of the week ideal for reaching some kind of an emotional understanding. Mercury, as always, is in charge of the thinking and planning and how to phrase that break-up letter, naughty text message, impassioned plea for attention, or whatever it is your love life needs. Neptune adds a delicate layer of frosting that can help your message be better received.

On Friday, Venus square Saturn becomes exact (but influences the entire week). When Saturn is square any planet, kind-hearted astrologers scramble to express the potential positive outcome. Venus square Saturn is, admittedly, a fairly terrible time for starting or maintaining your relationships. I admit I’ve come up short with this one though… go look at some amusing cat pictures after you read this forecast, and we’ll just pretend this whole aspect didn’t happen, okay?

Also on Friday: Mars enter Aries. Regardless of what the calendar may say, now is the time you’re likely to feel some Spring Fever kicking in. This is a much more straightforward and impulsive placement than Mars in Pisces was, and frankly it’s generally a much better placement for dating and mating.

Finally: Saturday is the start of a new cycle in Chinese Astrology. I know nothing about Chinese Astrology beyond what I’ve learned by reading restaurant placemats, but you’ve got to admit that with Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries for the next several months, “The Year Of The Fire Rooster” might be a fitting name for 2017 in general. Just try to be careful about what (and who) you burn down with that energy, okay?

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Opening a business and my natal transits

I’m thinking of opening my own business, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight on my astrological transits, and how they may impact my success.

Currently, I have saturn transiting my 8th house.
Its about to oppose my natal venus at the end of 2017, and it will oppose my natal chiron in 2018, as well as conjunct my natal 8 house Uranus.

On down the road in 2019, saturn will conjunct my natal 9th house Neptune and then ill have my Saturn Return.

I’ve read some negative things about the above transits that concern me.
Further, in 2019, after my Saturn,return, saturn will oppose my natal moon and mars at the same time Pluto will oppose my natal Mars.

Currentlyy, Pluto is opposing my natal moon,and its causing me an extreme amount of turmoil and distress in my current job, and with several of my friendships that has me itching to make a major change, as I’m suddenly unhappy.
I do not want to make any impulsive decisions though, that will not work out.

The business I’m thinking of opening wouldn’t be my sole effort either, my father would be my partner in it, so maybe this will help?

Other transits I have coming up, are Uranus in my 12th house square my natal mars and then in early 2018, Uranus square my MC and semi square my 1st house Sun.

This year abd next year I also have Neptune in my 11th house square my Sun

The other one is a positive, I have Jupiter transiting my 6th house this year Trine my sun,and jupiter.

Any advice on this?

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

This couple will place each other’s freedom at the top of their respective lists. Mars in Sagittarius’ urge to explore will blend beautifully with Moon in Aquarius’ need to do things her way. The result will be a truly liberated union.

Mars in Sagittarius demands personal space. He’s so easygoing that his partner may not take him seriously. But it would be a mistake to assume Mars in Sag is a pushover. He’ll bring his sense of adventure and playfulness to the relationship, and (if he’s really into his lover) will put up with a lot. But if she tries to control him, belittle him or deny his free spirit, he’ll walk. He has a powerful sense of right and wrong, and that includes what’s right for him.

Moon in Aquarius needs a relationship where individuality is valued. In her ideal scenario, two do not become one. Rather, two people remain unique individuals who accept each other for who they are. Moon in Aquarius is surprisingly stable for such a “rebellious” sign. She will be unwaveringly loyal to a partner who accepts her slightly detached emotional expressions, and who doesn’t try to force suffocating closeness on her.

Mars in Sagittarius will recognize a kindred spirit in Moon in Aquarius. He’ll be intrigued by her cool but open responses to his jokes and charm. Moon in Aquarius will enjoy Sag’s efforts to get her attention, and she’ll feel comfortable with his restless energy. She’ll keep him centered in the partnership, without tying him down or demanding that he grow up. Mars in Sagittarius will continually inject the relationship with new experiences, and Aquarius will happily join him in exploring. Together, they’ll create a vibrant union where love is expressed with a loose grip.

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Enemies – where to look

The 7th house is the house of enemies as well as marriage and partnerships. Where else in a chart would you look for animosity with others?

I have Sag on my 7th house cusp, conjunct Saturn in the 6th, and Uranus in the 7th house. I make what I might call institutional enemies. I offend academic or academia related organizations and they, in turn, seek to destroy me. At least, it is becoming a theme.

I am hoping that by looking into enemy dynamics of natal, or other, charts might help naviagate my latest run-in. I have conflicting results at my work on testing done by this global, phD-filled private institution of patented superiority, so now I am in their cross-hairs. I am afraid it is going to blow up into a legal dispute. 🙁

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